Laketrails Base Camp

What to Bring


Trips are hard on clothing and equipment. Portage trails are uneven, weather can change abruptly, and campers will be very active. Consider each item carefully as you pack. Is it durable? What would happen if it were torn, lost, or damaged? For the canoe trip, campers’ personal gear and sleeping bags are packed together in waterproof packs supplied by the camp. All personal belongings should be plainly marked with first and last name for identification. Items you do not take with you on your canoe trip can be left in your luggage at Base Camp. Cabin storage is limited.  As a general rule of thumb, bring old clothes. If you are going to invest in something, rainwear is the most important part of the wardrobe, when you need it.  It is also a good idea to pack a clean, dry set of clothes that you will wear for the bus ride home and not be wearing during your stay at camp.

Please bring only these two pieces of luggage: a sleeping bag and one suitcase/duffel bag.

Please Bring:

Sleeping bag

2 pairs of pants

2 pairs of shorts

Underwear for 1 week

3 shirts

Socks for 1 week

1 or 2 sweatshirts

Warm jacket

2 piece durable raingear

2 pair shoes (at least 1 pair sturdy tennis shoes)

Brimmed cap or hat

Swim suit

1 towel

Toiletry kit (toothbrush, toothpaste, personal hygiene products)

Flashlight (and extra batteries)

Insect repellent (no more than 30% D.E.E.T.)

Sunscreen (minimum SPF 15)

Metal or sturdy plastic refillable water bottle

Lip balm (minimum SPF 15)



Optional Items:

Notebook/pen or pencil for “journaling”


Fishing gear (rod & reel, artificial lures, etc.)

Sandals (i.e. Chaco, Keen, Teva, or something similar)


Prohibited Items:

  • Electronic devices of any kind (including electronic toys, games, CD players, TV’s, I-Pods, phones, etc.). They are a distraction from the experience, and their use is not allowed at camp. You may use these items on the bus ride, but they must be turned in to the camp store (the Duck’s Nest) for safekeeping when you arrive. You’ll get them back for the bus ride home.
  • Excessive cash. The camp store has items ranging from $1 to $55.00. You will also want some money for lunch on the bus rides to camp and back home. We do ask campers to deposit all cash in the camp store. If deposited, we will be responsible for it; otherwise we are not responsible for lost or stolen cash.
  • Weapons, fireworks, firecrackers and other hazardous materials are prohibited at camp and are also prohibited at Canadian customs.
  • Alcohol/drugs and tobacco products are prohibited. Any of these items or other inappropriate or hazardous items brought to camp will be confiscated.



Please do not bring extra food, candy, or snacks to camp. Camp will provide plenty of nutritious, tasty food for meals. Food brought from home could lead to unwelcome guests (i.e. mice, bears, etc.) in the cabins!

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