Laketrails Base Camp

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Why Laketrails?

Laketrails intentionally reinforces the values that we want our children to embody. The most characteristic quality of Christian living is love for others. Our goal is to provide a community where your children are able to create an attitude (closely aligned with motives) of love for others and themselves.

We’ve also worked extensively with the Search Institute which has developed 40 developmental assets. This model outlines positive experiences and personal qualities that young people need to grow up healthy, caring, and responsible. Obviously, as parents and guardians you have primary responsibility in helping your sons and daughters acquire these assets. As your partners, we’ve found that the Laketrails experience directly contributes to many of these assets. Here are the specific areas that Laketrails provides (link to Search Institute Brochure)


So, how does this Laketrails experience actually “play out?” It all starts on a bus (Yes, a bus! – look below for the schedule) of all places. Due to our outstanding (yet remote) location, Laketrails provides a bus to transport young people from as far away as the Minneapolis St Paul area to our site. Campers first Laketrails experience is of the joys (and sorrows) of a 6-8 hour bus ride to the “end of the road.”

They also meet new friends on the bus, and begin what for some may become life-long friendships. When they arrive at Young’s Bay where the road ends, campers are greeted by a flotilla of boats skippered by Laketrails’ Guides. Several of these are smaller (18-foot) craft which will allow them to experience the thrill of spray in their faces as they make the final passage to the Base Camp on Oak Island.

Bus Schedule