Laketrails Base Camp

Can You Cook?

Ahh, those great meals in Base Camp!  Bowls full of fresh fruit, the scent of fresh bread wafting from the ovens, hot soup on a cold and rainy day, gallons of “bug juice” in the pitcher, new friends around the table…  SONY DSCLaketrails is currently seeking a qualified cook for the 2013 summer.  Applicants should have experience cooking for groups of 50 or more and will be responsible for ordering weekly food supplies.  Upholding standards of health and cleanliness, supervising teens, and a fun and flexible personality are a must.  The kitchen has always been a fun place on the island, and we’d like to continue that tradition.  If you’re interested in the cook’s position, please see the staff application or call 800-450-6460 for more information.