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Laketrails Base Camp has been providing wilderness canoeing and camping adventures for teens and middle school youth since 1952.  The heart of our program includes a canoe trip through the Canadian waters of Lake of the Woods.  Challenge yourself in the great outdoors while building friendships that last a lifetime.  Join us at Laketrails for an adventure you’ll never forget!

2015 Summer Programs

  • Teen Wilderness Canoeing
  • Middle School Session*
  • Adult Canoe Trip

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Oak Island – Laketrails Base Camp

May 31, 2014 

by Krista Goodman, former Laketrails Guide My life changed when I set foot on Oak Island, and my story is not unique. Many scared, anxious campers and staff (like myself) in the past have signed up for Laketrails without really understanding what it actually was they were signing up for. I knew it was going to be beautiful, but I did not expect breathtaking sunrises and sunsets every day, water so smooth it becomes impossible to tell where the water stops and the sky begins, nor did I expect thunderstorms that were so majestic they ceased to be scary. I […]

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Chick Lake – by Joe Miller

May 12, 2014 

Chick Lake…  Like most camp sites I’ve been to in Lake of the Woods, I can close my eyes and instantly be back there.  I can see the campsite with tents set up and a lit fire.  The granite campsite gently slopes up to flat tent spots, with just enough grasses to provide a soft spot for sleeping.  I can see the small island to the east along with the high bluffs that surround the east side of the lake. Looking towards the water, the small inlet that we portaged into is barely visible, which reminds me of the portage.  […]

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The Last Night – by Morgan Peterson

April 28, 2014 

It was the last night of our five-day excursion out on trail, so naturally the entire crew was exhausted.  The summer sun was setting, and we knew we still had about three hours of paddling to get back to Base Camp.  We left the decision up to the campers: to try a night paddle or to wake up with the sun and take on the final leg the next morning. This group was particularly tough, and they decided to conquer the night paddle.  After about twenty minutes I think they were having doubts about their good judgement, but they continued […]

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