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Laketrails Base Camp has been providing wilderness canoeing and camping adventures for teens and middle school youth since 1952.  The heart of our program includes a canoe trip through the Canadian waters of Lake of the Woods.  Challenge yourself in the great outdoors while building friendships that last a lifetime.  Join us at Laketrails for an adventure you’ll never forget!

2014 Summer Programs

  • Teen Wilderness Canoeing
  • Middle School Session*
  • Adult Canoe Trip

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What’s happening at Laketrails

Favorite Laketrail Memories

April 7, 2014 

One of my favorite Laketrails memories involves a particular paddle back to Base Camp.  We had taken a fairly long trip with our guides, Mike “Lucky” LaCoursiere and Harv, and so had to paddle many miles each day to get back to Base Camp on time.  As luck would have it we encountered high winds, and even with the shelter of the islands simply couldn’t safely paddle during the day.  We had run out of time and still found ourselves well north of camp. The gods were smiling on us though, and as the sun was setting, the winds died […]

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What always amazed me about Laketrails campers

March 25, 2014 

What always amazed me about Laketrails campers was their amazing morale and general good mood no matter what situation was presented.  On a trip to the infamous Mason and Reid lakes my co-guide and I got disoriented, and after many questions about where we were, we determined we were, in fact, just plain lost. The trip had started out great because we had found a beautifully “paved” trail into Reid Lake.  However, we chose to bog our way out of Mason Lake back into Monument Bay.  After bogging and portaging for hours, we at last realized we needed to consult […]

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A Beautiful Place

March 2, 2014 

At Laketrails, some of us are lucky to be part of an amazing staff, working in an incredibly gorgeous area full of rainbows, vibrant sunsets, and surprises called Lake of the Woods. Laketrails is a beautiful place full of energetic, creative people.  Campers can be pretty goofy, but then so can their guides.  When campers arrive on the island they’re greeted by staff and camper workers wearing crazy costumes.  This usually makes a big impression, especially on first-time campers. Throughout a camper’s time at Laketrails, they may have their first bear sighting, often of a bear browsing along the shoreline […]

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